Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sweet Light - Alexia Halliwell - Blog Tour & Review

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That was one word that summed up Lira Matthews in Kane’s honest-to-god opinion. Actually, calling her hostile was putting it lightly.
Belligerent. Vicious. Scathing. All wonderful words that could be used to describe Lira.
Never in his entire life had he met a woman like her. From the very moment she stepped into the small town of Hazelwood she intrigued him. It could have been her guarded, distrusting eyes or her sweet softness hidden underneath her tough façade — all Kane knew was he wanted her.
To Lira, a Dean’s list medical student, Kane was just another hot mechanic. Sure, he had corded arms that made you gulp in desire and a kindness to him that made your insides melt, but they were from two different worlds. Two worlds that were never meant to meet — they both knew that.
That was until Lira’s past catches up with her and she must decide whether she can face her fears or let it consume her whole.

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Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black truck zoom past me and suddenly brake a few metres ahead. It shifted its gears into reverse and sidled up beside me. The driver’s door thrust open and Kane jumped out in all his glory, rounding the hood of the vehicle and walking towards me.

Of course he was here.

His cropped, dark hair was quickly becoming drenched. Drops of rainwater ran down from his hair over the hard ridges of his face and disappeared into the front of his shirt. I tore my gaze from the expanse of his solid chest and lifted my head to meet his eyes. His sharp green eyes skimmed over my face and ran over my drenched body.

“Lira, what are you doing in the rain?” Kane snapped, shaking out of his leather-lined jacket and pushing my arms into it. This jacket was different to the leather one he was wearing last night. The softest wool I had ever felt lined the inside, instantly warming my chilled bones. The cuff came past where my arm ended, the heavy jacket ending just above my knees, but it was perfect. I buried my face into the collar, breathing in the heady scent of Kane; warm soap and the slightest whiff of tobacco. My eyes flickering shut, I let myself take in Kane’s smell. I could get drunk on this stuff.

Alexia Halliwell is a New Adult Romance author, fresh to the wonderful world of publishing. Born and raised in beautiful Sydney, Alexia loves nothing more than lounging under the shade of a big gum tree inhaling her favourite paperback. When she isn’t bar-hopping down the streets of Sydney (for research purposes of course) or cuddling her gorgeous pup, she’s probably snuggled in bed with a cup of tea, spinning elaborate tales about all the characters screaming at her in her head.

I really couldn't believe that "Sweet Light" was Alexia Halliwell's debut novel. It is amazingly well written with characters that are complex, believable and likable. 

I loved the hero Kane Sawyer and the heroine Lira Matthews. The old saying opposites attract. Lira is a medical student from the city, and Kane is a mechanic in a rural town but they share an immediate attraction and chemistry. I loved that this book was told from a dual point of view from both a female and male point of view. 

Lira has had a difficult life, and you instantly feel compassion for what she has endured. Even though she has some demons from her past that she continues to fight, she is so much stronger than she thinks. Lira is really lovely and likable. 

Kane is your typical alpha male in a lot of ways, but he is also incredibly caring, strong, patient and understanding as well. Kane has his own demons to fight which in my opinion makes him the perfect compliment to Lira. Kane is completely enamored by Lira, and she keeps him on his toes. 

"She was definitely nothing like any other girl I had ever dated. No other girl could ever compare to Lira. She was the most frustrating blend of hostility, independence and belligerence. She was too stubborn for her own good and she fought passionately for things she believed in. She had the warmest heart, and was kind to everyone she met. Lira encompassed every contradiction to exist. She was fucking perfect." 

There path to finding love, is not easy and they face a few challenges along the way that just add to the complexity of the story. There are some hot love scenes in this book that are sure to keep you enthralled. 

Such an amazing group of friends are portrayed in this book that support each other. Even though we were introduced to quite a few characters in this book, they were easy to keep straight in your head because they were described so well. 

This book was thoroughly engaging and had me entranced from the very first page. I completed this book in one sitting, I just could't put it down. I thoroughly recommend this book to lovers of contemporary and young adult romance. You won't regret reading this book. 

I cannot wait for the next book in this series and hope that each of the amazing characters in this group of friends get their own book and find their happy ever after.