Friday, 21 February 2020

Kickstart My Heart - Autumn Jones Lake


Check out the AMAZING cover for Kickstart My Heart by USA Today bestselling author Autumn Jones Lake coming March 17th! Pre-order today!!

A rock star on the rise.

I might have been born and raised in a motorcycle club, but until my father and MC prez calls me home, the guitar is my mistress, my band is my temporary family and fame is my drug of choice. I wasn’t expecting Mallory. She provokes every one of my protective instincts. Anyone who tries to extinguish her spark will answer to my fists. Unfortunately, this is Hollywood where sleazeballs are crawling over each other to tarnish girls like Mallory.

An actress on the run.

With my father behind bars, I’m in control of my life for the first time. In search of stardom and a connection to my past, I escape across the country to the one place I can make my dreams come true. I wasn’t looking for love. Or even lust. But Chaser helps make me feel safe. And thanks to the dangerous secret I’m keeping, I need his protection even more than he knows.

Off-the-charts chemistry.

Hollywood, fame, and love don’t always mix, but we were made for each other. We’ll defy the odds—and the people trying to tear us apart.

Kickstart My Heart is book one of a brand new trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Autumn Jones Lake.

Cover Model: Zack Bradford

Cover Designer: Lori Jackson Design

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Audiobook narrators: Lance Greenfield and Samantha Brentmoor

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Hate You (Not) - Ella James

HATE YOU (NOT) by Ella James
Release Date: February 12th


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I didn’t know I was that person. You know—the one who gets the kids. But that’s what the will said. June Lawler: Legal Guardian.

My niece and nephew are 6 and 9, and all they’ve ever known is San Francisco. I arrive the day after the wreck, pack up my sister’s mansion, and fly them back to Georgia.

The small-town farm where their mom and I grew up isn’t what it once was, but it’s home. That’s all they really need.


I was courting an investor when it happened. Tromped all up and down the Himalayas, and he didn’t even buy in. It was a week before I found out what I’d lost. My little brother meant the world to me. Now even his kids are gone.

Spirited away to Heat Springs, Georgia—population 298.

They’re living on a farm that’s half a breath from bank foreclosure with a 26-year-old who didn’t finish high school. Nowhereville is not the place for little Mastersons. But I’ll get them back. It’s the money she must want, and I’ve got lots of that.

“June Bug” Lawler is poorer than that red dirt she comes from. I can make her dreams come true—and do one last thing for my brother.

I hate him.

She makes me crazy.

He thinks he can buy me off! I’ve never met a man so arrogant.

There’s no woman anywhere more stubborn.

I wish I had never met him.

But that’s not the story.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Beautifully Broken Control - Catherine Cowles

BBC - RB banner.jpg

"Catherine writes the best broody, damaged heroes! I freaking loved Cain, and he and Kennedy were a perfect match!"
—Susan Stoker, New York Times bestselling author

Beautifully Broken Control, an all new emotional small-town romance with the perfect blend of sexy and suspense from Catherine Cowles, is out now!

Beautifully Broken Control AMAZON

A woman trying to rebuild her life.
Kennedy is doing all she can to escape, to prove that she’s not the monster her father was. A simple life of peace and service is all she needs.
A man haunted by a past he can’t forget.
Cain has buried his demons under layers of control and success. The only thing he needs is his company and his solitude. Certainly not a woman with captivating green eyes filled with ghosts so similar to his own.
He’s a reminder of the life she’s left behind. And she’s a threat to his tightly guarded control. As sparks fly between them, they discover that what they might need most is each other.
But with pasts like theirs . . . you never know when darkness might descend. 

BBC - AN.jpg

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Beautifully Broken Control is the fourth and final title in the Sutter Lake series, featuring Kennedy and Cain.  This title is an emotional and angst ridden story, of healing and hope. Both characters have appeared as cameos in previous titles.

Both Kennedy and Cain are complex and endearing characters who have endured their fair share of pain in their past.  Catherine Cowles crafts characters that are not only flawed, but realistic and relatable.

Kennedy is an intriguing character.  She’s brave, strong, resilient, headstrong and hard working.  Kennedy lives very simply, but will also give to others even if it means that she has to go without.  She’s haunted by her past, and isolates herself, but when she loves it’s with her whole heart.

Cain is a brooding, enigmatic and successful businessman.  He continues to suffer from the trauma of a tragedy in his past, and results in him being more than a little overbearing when it comes to those he holds dear.

I loved this story, and I’m sad to see the end of this series.  I’ve grown to love these characters and loved that all my favourites appeared in this title.  I highly recommend this title if you love a small town romance with a touch a intrigue, suspense and quite a few secrets.

Breathless - Lex Martin

Title: Breathless
A Texas Nights Series Standalone
Author: Lex Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 18, 2020


I wouldn’t say I ran away exactly—twenty-two is too old for that.

I’d call it self-preservation.

I have one objective: protect my heart from the boy next door who has no clue I’ve loved him my whole life, even with a front row seat to his revolving bedroom door.

My escape plan almost worked.

Except I left one thing behind.

Logan Carter hijacked my heart, and now it’s time to get it back. This time for good.


I wouldn’t say I’ve been lying this whole time—not about everything.

Not about how much I miss my best friend, and definitely not about how pissed I am that she left with hardly a goodbye.

She’s the last person I ever expected to ghost me, and her absence left a gaping hole in my chest.

When Joey Grayson steps off that bus, I know I’ll do anything to keep her home, and that means finding out the truth.

But I’m not sure how to tell her my truths when I’m living so many lies.

$2.99 for a limited time!


Breathless is the third title in the Texas Nights series, and features Joey and Logan.   Their story is full of twists and turns, secrets and lies.  Whilst heart-warming and sweet, its also quite and angst ridden tale.

Joey has had a hard life, the one constant has been the boy next door and her best friend Logan.  She’s stubborn, shy and a little naïve.

Logan is a sexy, sweet hero with a reputation as a player, but not is always what it seems.  He’s an alpha to the core, hardworking, and quite romantic and caring when it comes to Joey.

Joey and Logan are opposites in many ways, but both are incredibly loyal and will do anything for those they hold dear to their hearts.

The chemistry this pair shares is undeniable, and their banter is engaging and fun.  Overall an enjoyable and captivating read with equal parts heat, heart and humour.


All books are standalones featuring different couples



Dominik - Sawyer Bennett

Dominik (Arizona Vengeance, Book #6)

Sawyer Bennett

Release Date: February 18, 2020

I built myself up from nothing. A product of the foster care system, I learned early on how to fight hard to get what I want. Whether it was starting my first company in college, earning my first billion, or buying my first professional sports team, I know how to get what I want, when I want it. 

Until now.

Willow Monahan is fierce, independent, and hot as hell. She also takes great pleasure in shutting down my advances. The younger sister of one of my star players, Willow intrigues me to my very core. And while she may have willingly given me her body, she is hesitant to offer up more. Now I’m on a mission to find out why.

I’ve decided to approach my desire for Willow like I’ve approached much of my life; with persistence, determination, and a whole lot of that Dominik Carlson alpha charm. Buying a hockey expansion team, building the Arizona Vengeance from the ground up, and bringing home a championship may prove to be an easier feat than winning Willow’s heart.

But I’ve never been a quitter.

Willow Monahan… I’m coming for you.

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Print | Audible (narrated by Christian Fox and Erin Mallon)

Dominik is the sixth title in the Arizona Vengeance series, and this time we get the story of team owner Dominik and the sister of one of his players Willow.

Willow is a photojournalist who is very confident, intelligent, and independent.  She’s not afraid to go after her goals when it comes to her career, but this feisty, sassy and strong heroine can be a bit wishy washy when it comes to her feelings where Dominik is concerned.

Dominik is a self made billionaire.  He’s a charismatic and enigmatic alpha, generous and loyal and caring.  He’s determined and driven, and not afraid to go after what he wants.

The chemistry between this pair is undeniable and their connection is hot and steamy. There is quite a bit of push and pull between this pair as they struggle to find a common ground on their feeling, and although this title is well written and engaging, I struggled to connect with the characters, particularly Willow.

Although not my favourite of this series, I look forward to seeing future releases by Sawyer Bennett.

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