Monday, 25 January 2016

Needing to Fall - Ryan Michelle - Review

Needing to Fall

Needing to Fall
By Ryan Michelle 


Have you ever sunk inside yourself to a place of darkness so deep you couldn’t see the light? Had no hope? Felt completely alone in a world filled with so many people?

I have. I’ve lived it, breathed it. 


Because life hated me. 

It disliked me from the moment of conception, despised me when I was born, loathed me when I bounced from each foster home, and kicked me in the gut when I watched the one thing that meant everything to me leave.

For years, I drifted, unable to find my footing, never knowing what the word stable meant. Then a single moment in time rocked me to my core, changing me and making that solid ground I so desperately craved crumble at my feet, causing me to fall farther than I’d ever imagined. 

The darkness of the swirling tornado that is depression captured me, pulling me down to its depths, drowning me, suffocating me, owning me.

A depth so deep, I didn’t think I’d survive and didn’t care if I did. I only wanted peace. I wanted the pain to disappear. I wanted to be … free. 

Needing to fall into the cyclone of darkness was the only way I could find the light.


I love the Ravage MC Series and was so excited when i received an ARC of Needing to Fall. As always Ryan Michelle did not disappoint, this book is a five star read. But in saying that this book is very different from her previous works. This story is quite dark, gritty and desperate revolving around the very personal demons that are PTSD and Depression. This story is very different to the normal style of romance i read, it was full on and was so emotive, raw and heartbreaking to read. I spent a great deal of the book reading it with tears streaming down my face, have a box of kleenex nearby. 
The title of this book couldn't be more accurate - the need to fall to pick yourself up again. This is a beautiful story of finding yourself. 
Rayne is such a tortured soul with a life full of pain and disappointments but with love, courage, determination and strength she pulls her way back. Lynx has his own demons to fight with PTSD but boy did i love his character. One word to describe this alpha male is yum!
I literally couldn't put Needing to fall down and finished it in one sitting. 
This story is so well written with a depth of emotion and connection to the reader you rarely find. 
Having someone close who has struggled with depression and had similar issues to Rayne this book was doubly emotive for me. 
I loved the courage, love and determination in this book and the cameo by the Ravage boys.