Monday, 29 August 2016

Enforcer - L. Ann Marie - Review

Princes of Prophecy Book 4
L. Ann Marie 

Sheila grew up in the MC. Adopted by a biker family she was always just another Brother. She’s trained for High Security and moves with the Princes when they take their new town and place within the MC Chapter. As a jack of all trades, Sheila is the Princes go to Brother. She gets the job done and can comfort the victims when needed. To her Club she’s invaluable. To Sheila it’s just another day. Seeing everyone around her growing up and moving on, she realizes her past may be holding her down. When her past threatens to take the job she loves and Club she would give her life for, she jumps at the chance for help. Going it alone isn’t easy, but she’s Sheila. 
Jax left Family Security with the MC when a teenage girl started showing interest in him. He knew it was only a matter of time before he lost control with her and put his life on the line. Badass Bikers are known for doling out justice their way. Seeing her on the list for the new Club he figures five years is long enough. It’s time to grab a taste of that forbidden fruit, that is, if she doesn’t kill him first. 

5 Star

Enforcer is the fourth book in The Princes of Prophecy series.  Enforcer is Jax and Shelia's story!  I loved reading their story and watching their relationship develop throughout this book.   Although this book could be read as a standalone the characters cross over all the books in each series.  Seriously once you begin reading books by this author, you will become quickly addicted to her story lines and have her as one of your one click authors.  

Shelia is completely badass.   She is strong, sassy, completely dependable, loyal, loving, caring and doesn't take crap from anyone.  She's exactly my type of heroine.  But underneath her tough outer exterior she is quite vulnerable and has a soft core.  

Jax on the other hand is a swoon worthy alpha with a heart of gold.  

I loved that this book was told from a dual point of view, it was wonderful to have both the perspectives of the hero and heroine to connect with. 

One of my favorite features of this series, is L. Ann Marie's ability to connect all of her books, so that the stories of the previous characters continues with each additional book.  The strong themes of family, friendship, loyalty and brotherhood flow throughout this book, but also throughout the remainder of not only this series, but the books in the MC Series, and to an extend the Baxter series as well. 

This is a fast paced, well written MC romance with elements of suspense.  The characters are complex and completely endearing.   This story line is full of drama, action, suspense and love.  I've got to say the love scenes are quite steamy in each of the books in the series, and Enforcer is just the same.  I look forward to the next book in this series, and cannot wait to see which of the younger generation of bikers will find their happy ever after next. 

Prince of Prophecy Book 1 

This is a continuation from the MC Series. The Little Brothers are all grown up. I recommend reading the MC before this one so you have the background characters and information. 
Raised by a father who is somewhat reserved, Dakota Lightfoot finds a whole new world when he is patched in to the Princes of Prophecy. With his abilities and natural leadership, he quickly finds his home with this new Brotherhood. 
Jessie LaPonte-James has always known he would be part of a trio, much as his father, Danny, and Kate are, and always believed that Darren would be by his side with Jess Baxter. 
But what happens when one of the three isn’t as in-tune with the plan as the others? 
This is the story of Jess, Dakota and Jessie.

Princes of Prophecy Book 2 

Darren is the VP of Princes of Prophecy. He’s been deaf his whole life but works around his deafness, using his other senses to keep up with his hearing family, friends, and Brothers. He sees everything. When Mitch Baxter helps him get more acute vibrations he believes he is finally hearing. Life is a little easier. Now Mitch came up with a way to give him the words with his vibrations. Life is looking up. 
Eliza was brought up by a drug addicted mother. She was given to her stepbrother for drugs. When her stepfather needed money she was sold to the Outlaw club. Life has not been easy, but once she was away she was determined to make it better for other women that needed help. Eliza is a survivor that understands the meaning of being free. 
This is the story of Darren and Eliza. 

The Princes of Prophecy Book 3

What All In means to Ben Knight: 
Support your Brothers, 
Lift up your women, 
Do better for more. 
Disabled is not in his vocabulary, 
He’ll never give up and never give in. 
Ben Knight is not only All In, 
He’s Badass personified, 
He is the Leader. 

L. Ann started with the Baxters and is working on her third series, The Princes of Prophecy MC. While her books feature ex-SEALs and Badass Bikers, L. Ann is writing about the strong women that these men need in their life to help right the worlds wrongs and help keep their small part of the world safe. The women are extraordinary, strong and determined to make a difference.
The men fight for right in every book. Yes they kill people. Yes they shoot at the bad guys feet to cause them pain. Yes they throw tampons at each other regularly.
That being said, they do these things while stopping human trafficking, bringing their Club into legitimate businesses, fight gangs to keep drugs away from their town and kids, keep women sheltered safely while trying to stop domestic abuse. These are men that don't leave a Brother behind. They don't treat women as possessions and they don't cheat. Respect takes on an honorable meaning. Women and kids are cherished. Everyone is looked out for.
L. Ann has made the perfect Club, tackled the taboo subjects and made it easy to imagine living in a world where your protection comes from the SEALS and Bikers.

With readers writing about rereading the series over and over, she feels like she's told her characters stories in a way that would make them proud.
Every book will make you laugh, every book will make you angry for the wrong that happens in the world. Every book will make you cry for the pain that a character feels.
Don't take my word for it. Pick one up and try it out. The Baxters book 1 and MC Book 1 is FREE. Give them a shot and Happy Reading!