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Celebrating Love - Maryann Jordan - Release Blitz & Review

Celebrating Love: Saints Protection and Investigations 

Book 9 by Maryann Jordan

Date of Publication: August 25, 2017


Saints Protection and Investigation

A private investigation business, pulling together men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALs, and police, devoted to the missions that no one else wanted or could solve.
Nick Stone - a stoic, dedicated FBI agent. His life was neat and orderly, just the way he liked it. Bayley Hanssen - a vivacious romance novelist and bookstore owner, thrived on chaos.
When the two collided when he was on a stakeout, she turned his life upside down. Disenchanted with the political posturing of his superiors, the lure of working for the Saints became a reality, as he discovered life with the fun-loving Bayley was just what he needed.
When human traffickers struck close to home, Nick and the Saints fought to keep Bayley safe.

****Due to scenes of an explicit sexual nature and language that some consider crude, please be warned - for 18+ only! If you do not like alphas with heart who fall instantly in love with strong female characters while dealing with real life issues...again be warned!!*****

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4 Stars 

Celebrating Love is the ninth title in the Saints Protection and Investigation series.  Although I have read several of the books in this series, I have not read them all and in no way felt lost in the story line. 

This is the story for you if you enjoy a romantic suspense, full of intrigue, action, mystery, suspense and passion.  This title revolves around Nick and Bayley, and it's a case of opposites attracting.  A case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time creates the opportunity for this pair to meet.  

Nick Stone is described as Mr TDMB (talk, dark, mysterious, and beautiful) and it fits him to a tee.  He's a man of few words, quite thoughtful, intelligent, dedicated, reserved and at times guarded and stern.  Whilst Bayley is talkative, bubbly, friendly, approachable, imaginative and creative.   Nick is a neat freak, whilst Bayley lives in ordered chaos.  

The chemistry is undeniable between this pair, and their banter is fun and flirty.  I found Celebrating Love to be a very enjoyable and entertaining read.  Bayley certainly meets her match in Nick and I look forward to going back and reading the previous titles in this series. 

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