Monday, 30 April 2018

Loyalty - Ally Barnes & Debbie Ann - Review

Ally Barnes and Debbie Ann
Havenwood #2

I left Havenwood years ago
to find myself and become a man,
I followed my dreams and career
until they became my nightmares.

Now I'm back in Havenwood,
coming home to my family,
a promotion and HER.

I'm not the person I used to be.
Hardened and jaded,
I will never be the right man for Sadie Jenkins,
but that wont stop me from having her
-until the nightmares of my past become my reality,
returning to take vengeance and turn my world upside down.

Love, who needs it? Not me.
I have everything i need - good friends,
The Hideaway and my independance.
things are running along smoothly until two
very differnt men with two very differnt agendas
step back into my life completely turning it on its axis.

Never one to back down from a challenge,
I'll meet it head on but then I've never taken on anyone
like Mitch Williams before.
Hard, hot and beautifully flawed.
My heart has been a fortress for so long,
but he has the potential to shatter its walls completely.

4 Stars

Loyalty is the second title in the Havenwood series, and features Mitch and Sadie, a set of characters who both appeared in the previous title Honesty. I was quite looking forward to their story, but I've got to say the cover is pretty easy on the eyes as well.

Mitch left Havenwood as an awkward, skinny teen and returned a different man, his time serving his country turning him into a strong, confident, dominant and charismatic man. Sadie is charismatic and beautiful, both inside and out, but also sassy, feisty and fun.

I really enjoyed the fun, witty, flirtatious and dirty banter this pair share. The chemistry between this pair is intense and palpable. The heat between this pair just oozes off the pages.

It was great to see Eden and Walker appear throughout this story line, and I quite liked the introduction of new characters who I hope we see more of in future additions to the Havenwood series as well.

The character development that was missing in the first title is definitely more prevalent in this title. I quite enjoyed that this title was told in a dual point of view, my only complaint being the repetition of events when told from each view point. I felt it wasn't really required and towards the end I found myself skimming the start of chapters.

The twists and turns, intrigue and suspense, with their past coming back to haunt them, kept me completely enthralled and engaged. I will be looking forward to more of the Havenwood series, and look forward to seeing this writing duo develop further as authors.

Havenwood #1

Living and working in a small country town was not where Dr Samuals, envisioned his life leading him.

Leaving behind a troubled past filled with wrong decisions and the wrong person. he needed to salvage his career and reputation.

All he had to do was keep his head down and stay focused.


Until a chance encounter with the woman that can completely derail his plans and ignite a desire he had never experienced before.

She was everything he wasn't.

Eden, strong, innocent and sensible. She had always been that way. Her dream was finally coming true with the Hideaway. Everything was going to plan,until he walked into her store for coffee.

Tall, dark and utterly gorgeous.

Could she survive his dark past?



We are two long term friends, that have bonded over our love of books and reading. we decided to take the plunge and write our own stories full of troubled alpha males and women with huge inner strength.
living in Sydney, Australia, with our better halves for the best part of 30 years each. Between the two of us we have five young adults.
When not busy with our full-time work, we like nothing better than sitting out in the sun, preferably at the beach, writing, reading and talking about books.