Thursday, 28 April 2016

Pleasured by You - Love in the City #3 - Steph Nuss - Review

Pleasured by You 

Love in the City -  Book #3

Steph Nuss


One night of pleasure turns into a summer full of lust.

Fletcher Haney owns several businesses all over New York City, gaining him access to tons of beautiful women. He has no intentions of stopping his womanizing ways, until he sees her again.

She’s the ultimate heartbreaker he can't forget.

Pastry chef bombshell, Bayler Jennings knows she can have any guy she wants, but when her only memorable one-night stand confronts her, she breaks all of her rules.

He’s the love ‘em and leave ‘em flavor she craves.

But as the seasons change, this two-of-a-kind pair fights falling in love in the city, and they’ll soon realize that with pleasure always comes pain.

I have been a fan of the Steph Nuss and her "Love in the City" series, since reading "Wanted by You" the first book in this series. This tight knit group of friends and their partners make for an enthralling and engaging read.

This is Fletcher and Bayler's story, and right from the start i was completely captivated. After a chance meeting in a bar and sharing a night of passionate no strings fun, Fletcher can't get Jane Doe out of his mind. After several months, he sees her again at his best friends wedding, where he learns Jane Doe is his younger sister.

Bayler is determined to never put her heart on the line after seeing so many of her friends with broken hearts. She has rules:

"No sleepovers. No sleeping with the same guy more than once"

She isn't the only one with rules. Fletcher is an entrepreneur and and a player who doesn't do commitment and has several of his own:

"I don’t do relationships. I have rules just like you do. I don’t let women stay the night at my place, I don’t stay over at theirs, and I don’t sleep with any of the women who work for me.” 

Bayler and Fletcher share an intense chemistry and as much as they deny their attraction and feelings they are drawn to each other.

“I wanted friendship with her, but I wanted benefits with it. I wanted the benefits of breaking all of our rules again and again.”

Baylor and Fletcher are a strong hero and heroine. I really enjoyed reading about them acknowledging and facing their fears.

“Some people are worth facing our fears.”

All the characters in this book are complex, believable and likeable. So many times I was laughing out loud at the banter shared between the characters. This book has just enough sweetness, heat and humor to make it a really enjoyable romance to read. I can't wait to read more of this group of friends.