Thursday, 1 September 2016

Fully Involved - Amy Briggs - Release Blitz & Review

Title: Fully Involved
Series: Brotherhood of District 23 #2
Author: Amy Briggs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: September 1, 2016

Isabel Cruise spends her days investigating crimes as a detective, and her nights hoping for a man who will finally satisfy her sexual cravings. Hiding her deep desires was easy until she let herself go one night with the sexy Matt Cavanaugh, a no strings attached firefighter who brings just the right amount of dominance that she’s been looking for.

Refusing to give into the idea of a real connection, an arsonist on the loose creates a divide that threatens to destroy them before they ever get started. With all clues leading to a perpetrator at Matt’s station, Isabel is forced to investigate Matt and the other firefighters at District 23.

Will Matt and Isabel have a chance to make a real connection beyond their steamy encounters, or will she have to prosecute one of the firefighters, ruining any chance for something more?


I absoloutely loved the first book in this series Fired Up, and I was eagerly awaiting the release of Fully Involved. Fully Involved is Matt Cavanaugh and Isabelle Cruise's story. This pair of characters are endearing and likeable. 

Matt is a firefighter and Isabelle is a police officer. Whilst their paths crossed in the previous book, they hadn't spent much time together. Isabelle is a strong, a bad-ass police detective, working in a male dominated profession and has a tendency to come across as bitchy with her take charge attitude. 

Matt is my kind of hero, for starters hes a fireman, that alone makes him swoon worthy but he's also sexy, strong, loyal, and most of all a dirty-talking alpha with dominant traits. He has a great relationship with his family and his mother, brother and best friend feature strongly in this book.

She seemed like a lot of work with all that attitude.

When a series of suspicious fires have them spending more time together their connection and attraction develops. Their relationship is steamy, dirty, hot, and a little bit kinky. Their chemistry is off the charts. 

It was sexy, mostly because it was badass.

This is a steamy contemporary love story mixed with a great deal of mystery, suspense, action and intrigue. Although the book starts off slower it increases in pace once you get into the mystery of the arson investigation. 

He wasn’t afraid to give it to me straight, and it was extremely attractive.

Isabelle and Matt were not looking for a relationship, they were both happy with a 'friends with benefits' arrangement. Neither was looking for a commitment that would interfere with their commitment to their respective professions. I enjoyed the banter that the couple shared and imagery of some of the text. 

She had lit something inside of me, creating a fully involved fire of desire that burned for her constantly.

I really enjoyed the continuity of Brian and Jo's story from the first book within Fully Involved.
I look forward to reading more of Amy Briggs, and cannot wait for more stories of the district 23 men and women, but in particular i look forward to Zach's story.


Amy Briggs is an Orlando based writer, consultant, and entrepreneur. Leaving the corporate life behind, Amy now runs several small businesses from the comfort of her home while spinning realistic, thrilling and romantic stories. Formerly a firefighter and EMT in New Jersey living next to a military base, Amy was drawn to creating a stories around emergency services and the military, and draws on her experiences to show the depth and emotional side of the lifestyle.