Monday, 27 March 2017

River's Edge Box Set - Lacey Black - Release Blitz

Today is the release day of Lacey Black’s River’s Edge Box Set! Check out the release festivities and be sure to grab this amazing contemporary romance series today!

Family is everything.

That’s the motto of the Stevens family, where nothing is secret and everything is fair game. From Jake, Nate, Will, Travis, and Avery, each Stevens sibling has one big shot at finding love in their small town, Rivers Edge.

Follow the five siblings on their quest for love in the Rivers Edge boxed set. This set contains five full length novels, as well as two novellas and a never before released short story featuring Brooklyn.

Trust Me

Fight Me

Expect Me

Promise Me: A Novella

Protect Me

Boss Me

Trust Us: A Christmas Novella

Trust Me: A Brooklyn Short Story

*Each story can be read as a standalone. For mature audiences only due to graphic sexual content and language.

I drive home in comfortable silence. I don’t think I’ve ever been content with comfortable silence with a woman before, which is just another reminder of how Avery is different from everyone else. She doesn’t feel the need to talk all the time for the sake of talking.
As we start to approach the city limits of Rivers Edge, I start to wonder what I should do next. If this were any other girl, I’d drive back to her house with no hesitation whatsoever and take her inside. But this is Avery, and like I said, she’s different.
So, I thought maybe we’d stop by my house for a bit if that’s okay with you. This way, someone like Jake doesn’t see my truck parked in your drive and make trouble.” Even to my own ears, I sounded a little nervous as I said it. What the hell? It’s not like it’s my first time taking a girl home.
Then it hits me.
It is the first time I’m taking a girl home, to my house. I always go to their place. But the thought of Avery in my house, my bed, just feels right.
That sounds good,” she says with another shy smile. I love that smile; it’s filled with happiness and innocence. I turn off Main Street and head down Lincoln towards my place. When I reach my house, I pull into the drive and kill the engine. Quickly, I hop out and walk around to her door. When I open it, she seems slightly hesitant, maybe even nervous.
I can take you home if you want.”
No,” she quickly throws out there. “I want to be here…with you.” There’s that damn smile again. I extend my hand to her and help her down from the truck and head inside.
When we step inside the dark recesses of my living room, I start to walk towards the lamp but she catches me by the arm, stopping me. I turn to look at her. The only light in the room is what moonlight is filtering through the window. Standing there in my darkened living room, light glowing off her blond hair, she looks stunning. She extends her hand up to cradle my cheek, her other hand runs up my abdomen from my stomach to rest on my chest. I step closer to her, looking deep into her eyes. She must have realized she was holding her breath because she lets out a big breath, which comes out a little shaky. I look deep into her crystal blue eyes, and that’s when I see it. Lust. Desire. Trust.
My resolve shatters like a glass vase with that one look as I push her back against my front door. Our lips are urging each other on as our desire for each other completely takes over. She runs her tongue down my neck, and I almost come completely undone in my pants like a teenage boy by that one simple move. I cradle her ass in my hands and lift her up. She threads her legs around my waist, her hands diving into my hair. I lean against her, pushing her back into the door, and she moans. It’s the sexiest fucking sound I’ve ever heard and all I can think about is being deep inside her, making her moan over and over and over again.
I press hot kisses along her chin, down her delectable neck and lick the spot where her pulse is rapidly beating. “Tell me to stop, Avery. Tell me to stop right now and I will. But if you say nothing, I’m taking you back to my room and burying myself deep inside you. I’m going to make you come and scream my name. All. Night. Long. Tell me you want this as much as I do.”
I want this,” she whispers without hesitation and that’s all I need to hear.

Several years ago, I stumbled upon the debut title Trust Me, by Lacey Black.  Thus began my love for the community of Rivers Edge and the Stevens Family.  The Rivers Edge series features each of the Stevens siblings finding their other half.  Each of these books features lovable and endearing characters.  I was completely drawn in by the strong familial bond the Stevens siblings share, the loving and at times over protective nature of the males of the family and the strength and sweetness of the women they each end up with. Each book is incredibly well written, entertaining and very engaging.  I loved each and every story in this book and love how much they are interconnected and their stories continue with each additional title. 

Trust Me: 

Trust Me is Avery Stevens story, she is the youngest Stevens sibling, and a single mother to four year old Brooklyn, otherwise known as Bean.  Maddox Jackson is Avery's older brother's best friend and colleage.  Their romance is a friends to lovers romance, and is quite forbidden, it's also an incredibly sweet story. Maddox is a swoon worthy hero he's incredibly sweet, sexy, loving and caring, whilst Avery is sweet, strong and at times funny.  Their story has its share of twists and turns, before this pair can find a happy ever after.  Their chemistry is strong, the heat between this pair both steamy and sweet, and their story is well paced and told from a dual point of view. 

Fight Me: 

Fight Me is Jake and Erin's story.  This pair have a history, as children Jake made Erin's life hell, as an adult he's determined to prove he is a changed man.  Jake is nothing if not persistent, when it comes to going after what he wants.  

I loved that this title is told from a dual point of view, and we gain an insight into both the hero and heroine's inner most thoughts.  I really loved the connection, chemistry and heat between this pair, but above all the friendship and bond this pair formed. 

A sweet and sexy story line with twists and turns, and humor that kept me thoroughly enthralled. 

Expect Me: 

Expect Me is Travis and Josselyn's story.  A one night stand changes the rest of their lives.  Although incredibly attracted to each other, Travis and Joss are basically strangers who begin to build a life together.  Travis is the youngest of the Stevens brothers, loving, kind, loyal and above all hardworking and supportive.  Joss is kind, sweet and hardworking.   Their story is quite emotional and has a few ups and downs, I particularly loved that they worked for their relationship. 

Promise Me: 

Promise Me, is a River's Edge novella featuring Holly Jenkins and Jase Bentley.  

Holly is Avery's best friend and an honorary member of the Steven's family.  She is sweet, sassy, endearing and an engaging character.  

Jace is a sweet, tattooed rock star with a heart of gold.   

I loved the connection and chemistry this pair shared.

A sweet, sexy and heartfelt read. 

Protect Me: 

Protect Me features Nate and Lia.  Nate just adores women.  He's a firefighter, a player and confirmed bachelor.  The second eldest Stephens brother, was hurt in his past and can't fathom a future with one woman.  He's incredibly protective, caring, sweet, sexy and funny and very strong willed. 

Lia is desperate to belong after running from her past, but knows she can't put down roots.  She's strong, sweet and caring.  

Their story is one of instant attraction, and filled with emotion, drama, suspense and heat, with moments of both laughter and tears. 

Boss Me: 

I eagerly anticipated reading Will's story having fallen in love with his sibling's stories and reading of them finding their happy ever after. 

Will is a paramedic, he's dedicated and hardworking and loves his job.  He is also sweet, loving, caring and has a heart of gold.  He's a complex character with a friendly demure facade, that hides a man who likes control in the bedroom. 

Carmen is Will's boss, she's an endearing character, who's been hurt in the past and being a single parent has more than herself to consider when it comes to forming a relationship. 

Their romance is forbidden, but they have this amazing chemistry and connection.  Overall a sweet, sexy and emotion filled read that I didn't want to put down.  

I loved the cameos of the Steven's siblings throughout this book. It's quite sad to see the end of this series, after growing to love the members of this family. 

Trust Us: A Christmas Novella 

A quick, sweet, and steamy Christmas novella featuring Avery and Maddox, four years on from their original story.  A fun and engaging read with a wonderful glimpse into this delightful pair's future.

Trust Me: A Brooklyn Short Story 

A short glimpse into the future as Brooklyn nears her High School graduation.  More an extended epilogue it was wonderful to see the members of the Stevens family several years in the future.  Hopefully we will see more of this family in the stories of the next generation in the future. 

Lacey Black is a Midwestern girl with a passion for reading, writing, and shopping. She carries her e-reader with her everywhere she goes so she never misses an opportunity to read a few pages. Always looking for a happily ever after, Lacey is passionate about contemporary romance novels and enjoys it further when you mix in a little suspense. She resides in a small town in Illinois with her husband, two children, and a chocolate lab. Lacey loves watching NASCAR races, shooting guns, and should only consume one mixed drink because she’s a lightweight.

Lacey’s debut novel, Trust Me, was released in August 2014 and has been an Amazon Bestseller twice for Free e-books, as well as #1 for Contemporary Romance. All of the Rivers Edge books have been bestsellers in the Romance and Contemporary Romance categories.