Monday, 27 March 2017

The Wingman - Natasha Anders - Review

The Wingman 
Natasha Anders 

She was supposed to be his one-night distraction. But their attraction is undeniable.
Introverted Daisy McGregor is used to being a wallflower, but what she lacks in style, she makes up for with an acerbic wit, a passion for life, and a deep devotion to her family. So she’ll suffer through her sister Dahlia’s bachelorette party and accept the cloud of pity for going stag to the wedding.
Out at the pub, sexy bad boy Mason Carlisle is a reluctant wingman tasked with entertaining Daisy while his brother flirts with her oldest sister, Daffodil. When the plan fails and Mason’s true intent is revealed, he feels intense guilt—and a sensual spark of desire for the unlikeliest of women.
Daisy decides to use this unfortunate encounter to her advantage: to make it up to her, Mason will be another kind of wingman, playing the role of her boyfriend and wedding date. Will their ruse unravel completely—or will Mason and Daisy’s undeniable attraction ignite a scorching love affair that knows no rules?

3.5 Stars 

The Wingman was my first time reading anything written by Natasha Anders and I quite enjoyed it. 

Daisy lacks self confidence, always being compared to her older sister and being found lacking.  Although lacking in coincidence she is quite self aware and very endearing. 

Mason is genuinely a nice guy and when he inadvertently hurts Daisy he will do anything to redeem himself to the shy and quirky daisy.  

The Wingman is a sweet, fun and entertaining story of opposites attracting.  

I loved how Mason saw past Daisy's exterior and stood up for her when it was most important. 

I look forward to reading more of Natasha Anders work in the future. 

Since making her publishing debut in 2012, Natasha Anders has been drawing praise and attention as a new voice in romance. The Unwanted Wife, which became a self-published bestseller, is the first title in Anders’s forthcoming Unwanted series. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Anders spent nine years as an associate English teacher in Niigata, Japan, where she became a legendary karaoke diva. Anders currently lives in Cape Town.