Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Wrong SEAL - Nancy Brophy - Review

The Wrong SEAL: 

Small Towns Hide the Biggest Secrets 

(Wrong Never Felt So Right Book 6)

Small communities hide the biggest secrets
Sam Samson is a hero. He’s a former Navy SEAL, a former security specialist, and a former decorated police detective - a man successful by everyone’s standards but his own. Five years earlier his life fell apart. Sam has spent time in the most dangerous places in the world. Fought for his country. Protected his teammates. Put lawbreakers in prison. But it is tiny Crenshaw Valley, Missouri, home of Driscoll Produce, featuring Imogene’s Jams and Jellies, where everything went to hell.

4 Stars

Although this is the sixth title in the Wrong Never Felt So Right series, it's the first book by Nancy Brophy that I have read, and it can definitely be read as a stand alone. 

The Wrong SEAL is a small town romance, featuring Cricket and Sam. Miscommunication, secrets, prejudice and family feuds abound in the Crenshaw Valley. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the female lead is quite strong, and like-able. 

This is a well written, fast paced romance with elements of intrigue, suspense, danger and action, told from multiple points of view. I found Cricket and Sam's story to be engaging and entertaining and look forward to reading more of Nancy's work in the future.

Nancy Brophy grew up reading and writing. Her imaginary friends have rich lives and less self-doubts with stories that have beginning, middles and happy ending all within four hundred pages. She lives in the beautiful, green and very wet Northwest with her husband, two naughty dogs, PB and J, and forty rowdy chickens. 

They have spent fourteen nail-biting months living in an apartment while their house was rebuilt from a house-fire in 2010. In the process she has acquired an in-depth knowledge of kitchen cabinets, bathroom plumbing fixtures and leaking roofs. One day she will find all of this funny and will write a story about it. But it won't be this year.