Monday, 8 May 2017

Murphy's Law - Lori Foster - Review

Murphy's Law 
Lori Foster 
(Law 2)

Nothing is going to go wrong. Ashley Miles has worked too hard for her independence to let some Bentley-driving hunk named Quinton Murphy interfere with her plans—or her freedom. Yes, the chemistry is phenomenal. Kind of scary, actually. But that’s it. NO emotional commitments.
But he’s SO wonderful—a woman could fall in lov . . . How did that happen? That wasn’t part of the plan! But can she trust him? Really trust him? The man is just so mysterious. There’s only one solution: put it all on the line and see what Quinton does when she tells him how she feels. And hope everything that can go wrong… won’t…

3.5 Stars

Murphy's Law follows Jude's Law and features Ashley and Quinton.  I haven't read Jude's Law and at times felt I would have understood information throughout the story slightly better having read the previous title.

Ashley is a unique, and quirky the type of character who moves to the beat of her own drum. She's stubborn, strong willed and determined to make her way in this world, without being dependant upon anyone else.

Quinton had a completely differnt upbringing and comes from a very different social standing.   He's a rich, intelligent, hot, sexy, caring and protective alpha.

The chemistry and attraction is intense and undeniable between the hero and heroine.  I throughly enoyed their banter and interactions that were fun and flirty and at times quite humorous and had me laughing out loud.

Murphy's Law is an enjoyable, light, easy to read contmeporary romance, as the name suggests if it can go wrong it does for Ashley.  There are elements of intrigue and suspense that kept this story from bieng a traditional billionaire romance. I did feel that the ending was a tad rushed, but other than than another enjoable Lori Foster read. 


When it comes to love, he plays to win
There’s only so much frustration a guy can handle before he gets a little nutty. For Jude Jamison, his frustration has a name—May Price. She’s everything the former Hollywood bad boy actor came to Stillbrook, Ohio, hoping to find: open, honest, lovable, and full of those luscious curves you don’t find on stick-figure starlets—curves May doesn’t seem to appreciate in herself. Every time Jude tries to get close to the skittish business woman, to take her in his arms, she thinks he’s joking. Joking? Joking does not involve lots of cold-shower therapy.
Time for new tactics. If May won’t respond to his compliments and sexy innuendos, he’ll just have to spell it out for her. Jude Jamison is going to lay down the law for May Price. And after that, she’ll have no delusions about just how much he wants her…