Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Suddenly Bound - JA Low - Release Blitz

Title: Suddenly Bound
Series: Dirty Texas #3
Author: J A Low
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 3, 2017

He was everything she could never have.

Lady Olivia Pearce lives a sheltered, lonely life in the English countryside running her family’s historic estate. The only way to save her family’s estate is to marry a man she doesn’t love. Her sense of tradition, legacy and family loyalty has her agreeing to her family’s request.

What she wasn’t expecting was to meet the man she had always dreamed of after agreeing to marry another.

She was everything he couldn’t possess.

Axel Taylor, lead singer of Dirty Texas, had it all; a successful career, a great group of friends, good health and happiness. His life was pretty damn perfect until the people closest to him started falling in love and settling down, throwing chaos into his perfectly controlled life.

Axel never envisioned himself needing more until the perfect little package walked into his life and turned it upside down. She exposed everything he desired underneath his hard shell.

But meeting the right person doesn’t always happen at the right time.

One little taste can’t hurt, can it?


4.5 Stars 

Suddenly Bound, is the third full length title int he Dirty Texas series and features Axel and Olivia, who featured in Suddenly Begins.  Their story is one of opposites attract. 

With each title in the Dirty Texas series I think I've found my favorite rock star, and then the subsequent story surpasses the last. 

Axel is a sexy, kinky, dirty talking, dominant, alpha rock star who has a soft kind, loving and caring side when it comes to Olivia. Olivia is tied to royalty and with it comes expectations, she is incredibly loyal, dedicated, hardworking and trapped by her responsibility and heritage to do what is expected.  Axel is surrounded by family and friends who provide him with unconditional love and support, whereas Olivia has a family who treat her with little love, affection or respect.  

Their story is hot, steamy, sensual, erotic and heat filled.  There are twists and turns aplenty, and their path to a happy ever after is anything but smooth sailing. 

I've come to adore the members of Dirty Texas and love that each book not only revolves around a central couple, but continues the story of the characters that have been previously revealed.

As I've come to expect from J.A. Low this book is incredibly well written, and flows really well.  Honestly each book in this series keeps improving and I eagerly anticipate the next book in the Dirty Texas series, and cannot wait to see which rocker finds his happy ever after next. 


JA Low lives on a faraway beach in Australia. When she's not writing steamy scenes and admiring hot surfers, she's tending to her husband and two sons, and dreaming up the next epic romance.