Monday, 7 May 2018

Bad Boy Brody - Tijan - Release Blitz & Review

One punch took him from Hollywood’s Golden Boy to Bad Boy Brody.

The media didn’t care he was grieving his brother’s death. They descended on him, but to change his reputation, his manager got him a deal. Act in an indie film, one that already had Oscar buzz, and he’d get the movie roles he needed to secure his future.

He took the deal.

Yet he wasn’t prepared for the real-life people behind the script.
He wasn’t prepared for the murder the movie was based on.
And he really wasn’t prepared for her, the biggest secret of all.

She was wild. She was beautiful. She defied gravity.

But was she the leading role that would tame him?

Brody is a full-length stand-alone novel! There is one bonus chapter from Cole at the end!

4 Stars 

Bad Boy Brody is a standalone, new adult title told from multiple points of view. 

I've yet to be disappointed with anything Tijan has written, and Bad Boy Brody was no exception.  

This title is a sweet, emotional and captivating story of a pair of broken souls, healing, and learning to trust and love.  Underlying the romance of this unique title is a story with equal parts intrigue and suspense. 

Brody is a Hollywood heart throb, and has a reputation as a bad boy.  His life is irrevocably altered with the loss of his older brother, and biggest supporter.  Whilst coming to grips with his loss, Brody is in a downward spiral.  Despite his grief, he is smart, hard working and kind.  

Morgan lost not only her mother, but the rest of her extended family in one fell swoop.  In order to deal with the loss she closes herself off for the most part and lives with a herd of wild mustangs.  She's strong, resilient and unique. 

I found myself captivated by this unique story line, and endearing characters, and highly recommend this title.  I will be eagerly anticipating more of Tijan's work in the future.