Thursday, 21 January 2021

Puck's Property - Monique Moreau

A lonely social worker.

A biker behind bars.

Can their red-hot passion set them free?

What if your first love was your one true love? Eight years ago, Puck broke Ava's heart. She picked up the pieces, patched them together, and kept going. Yet she never forgot him. When Puck sauntered through her office door at work, she was shocked to find a brawny, tatted-up biker dressed in an orange jumpsuit with the word INMATE stamped on the back. 

What if you rediscovered the passion you carelessly threw away in your youth? For Puck, the only good thing about his trip to the jailhouse social worker's office was finding Ava again. All grown up, she looked luscious, and he bet she tasted even better. 

Breaking up seemed like the right thing to do at the time, but no other woman could replace Ava. Fate brought them together again and Puck wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. Ava was his property and he’d bring her to heel—no matter what it took. If that included blackmail, so be it. A biker never won by playing fair. 

But what happens in jail doesn't always stay in jail, and dark forces conspire to divert destiny and tear these lovers apart. Will their love survive a second trial?

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Puck’s Property is a second chance romance the fifth title in the Demon Squad MC, but can be read as a standalone, and in fact this was my first-time reading Monique Moreau’s work.

Puck and Ava had a relationship in the past that left Ava heartbroken.  After being arrested Puck and Ava recross paths where Ava is working as a social worker.

Puck is driven and determined to take advantage of their situation and rekindle their romance.  Ava is resistant to Puck’s charms after the way their relationship ended previously.

The chemistry and passion between this pair is undeniable and there are quite a few twists and turns in their story.

Bound By Consequence - Ryan Michele


Coming home from the Marines, Micah Tugger doesn’t know what to expect, but knows there are consequences to pay to the Ravage Motorcycle Club.

He’d left Sumner, Georgia a confused boy and now has come back a man, one who knows what he wants in life and that includes his family.

But will the brothers of the Ravage MC accept him? Or turn him away?


Add in a secret surprise that calls him daddy, Micah is in for a hell of a ride.


Ensley has had to run from home hoping for a better life for her daughter than the strict religious one she grew up in. It hasn’t been easy, but luckily she found a family of her own making.


But just when she gets comfortable, the man from her one night stand appears back in her life. Will he try and take her little girl from her? Or will there be a second chance at love in her future?


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Bound by Family: Book 1

Bound by Desire: Book 2

Bound by Vengeance: Book 3

Bound by Affliction: Book 4

Bound by Destiny: Book 5

Bound by Wreckage: Book 6






Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Wrecked Palace - Catherine Cowles


Wrecked Palace, an all-new sweet and addictive standalone romance in the Wrecked Series by author Catherine Cowles is available now!



One night was all it took for everything to change.

From college student to guardian in a single breath.

My siblings became my world.


No time for date nights or romantic dreams.

I traded quiet weekends for sleepless nights.

Giving my all to make sure they were cared for.


But Griffin had a brokenness that called to me—one that mirrored my own.

Gruff and just a little bit reckless.

He was the last thing I needed. But everything I wanted.


Only someone isn’t happy about this new life I’m building.

Deciding to set fire to everything I hold close.

And when the smoke clears, there might be only ashes left behind…



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Wrecked Palace is the third title in the Wrecked series.  It’s a poignant, emotional, small town, slow burn, friends to lovers romance with a touch of romance, suspense and drama.  This title has strong themes of family and friendship and the characters are incredibly endearing.

Caelyn O’Connor is such a likeable heroine.  When she loves it’s fiercely and with her whole heart.  She took on the responsibility for raising her three younger siblings when she was just a college student and barely an adult herself.  Despite the act that she struggles to make ends meet she’s incredibly positive, bright, bubbly, hardworking and compassionate.  Caelyn is a strong and selfless heroine, with a sweet and kind soul.

Griffin Lockwood has endured more than most and suffers alone in his grief and guilt.  Despite his grief, and brooding exterior this tortured hero has a big heart and is incredibly protective and loving when it comes to Caelyn and her “Tiny Terrors”.

The characters in this title are complex and damaged, but their story will leave you with a full heart and feelings of happiness.

Will Caelyn’s younger brother has a huge heart and steals the show.  He’s such a smart ass, but also completely loyal and selfless when it comes to his family.  I loved the interactions that Griffin and Caelyn share with Ava who is sassy and Mia who is sweet and shy as well.

I’ve loved all of the books in the Wrecked series, but this is my favorite by far, and this is already one of my top reads for 2021!


Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Escape With Me - Kristen Proby

 From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Kristen Proby comes ESCAPE WITH ME, an all-new stand-alone novel in her beloved WITH ME IN SEATTLE SERIES!

Keegan O'Callaghan has been told he's married to his pub. It's true. He's happiest when he's pulling taps and filling drink orders, so long as he can keep an eye on his family and ensure that all is well. Bringing a woman into his life for anything but a pleasant, short-term romp isn't even on his radar.

Until she comes running through his door, soaking wet and in a princess gown.

Isabella Harris ran out on her wedding, and she's not even a little bit sorry. She may have loved her groom a long time ago, but standing there about to take her vows, she realizes it's not right. And that's all she needs to know. Four hours later, she finds herself on a tiny island outside of Seattle, walking into a random Irish Pub and locking eyes with the sexiest bartender she's ever seen. But now what? She's alone and broke, with only a wedding dress to her name.

Despite the undeniable attraction between them, Keegan can see that Izzy's scared and alone. The job offer he extends is only until she gets back on her feet--he has no intention of keeping her.

But sometimes Fate has other plans...

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Escape with me is the third title in the O’Callahan’s series, but can be read as a standalone. For anyone who is a fan of the With Me in Seattle series, this title features cameos from several of The Montgomery’s.

Izzy is a runaway bride, who is strong and resilient, but also driven and determined to find her independence.  She’s and intelligent heroine, but down to earth despite her affluent upbringing.

Keegan is a patient, charming and sexy bartender with an Irish brogue.  He has a big heart, and a large, loving and kind extended family.

Keegan and Izzy’s story has equal parts heat, heart and humor and is a fast paced and engaging read, that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys Kristen Proby’s previous works. 

How To Rebuild - A.K. Evans


At the height of her professional success, Elise Flynn never imagined a fateful oversight would leave her on the verge of losing everything she’s worked so hard to achieve. 

Caught up in the drama that has her life unraveling, Elise misses her flight home.  With the ensuing fallout, Elise can’t hide her devastation… not even when she spots a handsome stranger sitting at her gate.
Kieran Decker knows about longevity.  One of the most respected engine builders in the industry, Kieran’s motors are built to last.  It’s his attention to detail that keeps engines performing at their best.
When Kieran spots the distressed woman waiting for the same flight, he can’t help but approach her.  Needing to unload her worries, Elise shares her troubles with the man she never expects to see again.
Only, she does.  And by then, it all has come crashing down.  That’s when Kieran steps in and shows her how to rebuild.    

Free in Kindle Unlimited

How To Rebuild is the fourth title in the Hearts and Horsepower series, featuring Elise Flynn and Kieren Decker.

After a chance encounter Elise and Kieren go their sperate ways, until fate intervenes and they are thrown into each other’s path.

Elise has a lot of issues with trusting those around her, particularly since she became a success in the beauty industry.  Kieren is a sweet, sexy and nice guy who is incredibly patient not only when it comes to his work, but also when it comes to Elise.

This title is a sexy, steamy and emotional story with equal parts drama and angst.  Despite their undeniable chemistry, Elise and Kieren have quite a few obstacles to overcome in order to find their happy ever after.

I look forward to the final title in the Hearts and Horsepower series. 

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#3 Far Beyond Repair
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#5 Out of Alignment – Releasing February 2
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Friday, 15 January 2021

Sullivan - Laramie Briscoe


Sullivan Baker

Moving to Laurel Springs and joining the LSERT was the best spur-of-the-moment decision I ever made. Here, out from under the expectations of my Police Chief father, I’m thriving.
I’ve found a boldness and confidence I never had in Paradise Lost.
And a woman who I can’t stop thinking about, dreaming about, and can’t seem to stay away from. Attorney Shelby Bruce knocked me for a loop and my head hasn’t stopped spinning since the night of our ‘friendmas’ Christmas party.
When there’s a physical threat to her well-being, I won’t stop at anything to protect her, even if it means losing a piece of myself in the process.

Shelby Bruce
Houston was my home until the big city reached out and bit me. Laurel Springs is more my speed, and I’ve settled into life here.
A new friend group, building my new practice, and a smoking hot new love interest has my life extremely busy and full. I’m content. More content than I ever was in my old life.
That all changes when I revise a will for one of the pillars of the Laurel Springs community. Effectively, she cuts her grandson out of her fortune. When he finds out it’s not pretty.
Worse. He blames me.
But something amazing happens. Day by day, I realize the relationships I’ve built within the community and the LSERT are stronger than I ever imagined. Especially when Sullivan Baker saves not only my life, but my heart.

Sullivan is the fifth title in the Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team, and I’d say the steamiest of the series.  Although this title can be read as a standalone, several characters from the original Moonshine Task Force and LSERT series make cameo appearances throughout.

Both Shelby and Sullivan have recently moved to Laurel Springs and are somewhat on the outer of the close knit group of friends and family that makes up the majority of LSERT.

Sullivan is a cop and dominant, alpha male with a big heart.  His past has left him more than a little jaded and vulnerable.

Shelby is a strong, intelligent and resilient lawyer.  She’s quite sassy and not afraid to speak her mind.

The connection between this pair is undeniable and their chemistry is incredibly hot and steamy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie and banter throughout this title particularly with characters from the previous books in the series.

A thoroughly enjoyable rad with suspense, danger, heat and heart and I look forward to the next addition to the series. 

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#4 Cutter
Moonshine Task Force Collection – Books 1-3
#6 Devante – Releasing November 5