Tuesday 31 January 2023

Jasper Vale - Devney Perry


Jasper Vale by Devney Perry is now live! 

Eloise Eden's pride and joy is her family's hotel in Quincy, Montana. Her lifelong dream is to own The Eloise Inn. All she has to do is prove to her parents that she's the epitome of responsible. That her days of being duped and making reckless decisions are history. She's so close she can taste it.

Until after one weekend in Las Vegas, she comes home married to a stranger.

Jasper must have put her under a spell with those soul-deep eyes because after a single night together, they woke up husband and wife. Her only hope is to keep this marriage a secret until it's annulled. Then she'll pretend it never happened.

Except Jasper begs her to stay married. To fake it for three months so she can accompany him to a wedding. Maybe she's lost her mind to agree. But her brooding husband seems desperate. It's only three months, right? Then she'll say goodbye to Jasper Vale, and with any luck, hello to her new hotel.

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Jasper Vale is the fourth addition in The Eden’s series, it’s a charming small town romance, with a touch of drama and danger.

Eloise Eden lacks confidence, and after marrying Japer in Las Vegas whilst being quite inebriated, she is desperate to prove that she is deserving of success and love, and capable and responsible enough to inherit her family’s hotel.

Jasper Vale is a stoic, quiet hero, who at times can appear quite gruff and grumpy, but has a heart of gold.  He’s protective and supportive, and quite closed off until Eloise breaks down his walls.

The chemistry between this pair is undeniable, and their love scenes are quite hot and steamy.  The twists and turns are unexpected, and made for an intriguing title and I look forward to the next instalment to this captivating series.

Thursday 10 November 2022

Another Christmas From Hell - R.L.Mathewson

Another Christmas From Hell
R.L. Mathewson
(Neighbor from Hell, #13)
Publication date: November 4th 2022
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

The last thing that he wanted was to fall in love with his brother’s best friend.

From New York Time’s bestselling author R.L. Mathewson comes the next installment in the disturbingly funny romantic comedy series, Neighbor from Hell.

It was time to move on.

Granted, Cayley would have preferred to wait until after Christmas, but with her best friend somehow managing to get her fired and evicted in the same day, she had no choice but to move into the apartment across from the man that really didn’t seem happy to see her.

That was fine.

More than fine because if she could handle her best friend making her life a living hell and an ex-fiancé that was determined to get her back, then she could handle the man that was willing to do whatever it took to let the past destroy them both.

He couldn’t believe this was happening again.

For years, Bryce had been going out of his way to avoid Cayley, hoping that she would finally move on, but now that she was back, he realized that he no longer had a choice.

He was going to have to break her heart.

At least that was the plan until the little brat turned the tables on him, making him wonder how much longer he was going to be able to lie to himself even as one thing became painfully clear…

This was going to be the worst Christmas ever.


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Another Christmas From Hell is the thirteenth title in the Neighbor From Hell series, and features Caley and Bryce.  Whilst I enjoyed this title it wasn’t my favorite of the series.

If you enjoy an enemies to lovers, brothers best friend, romantic comedy this may be the title for you.

This title has a hero and heroine who are like oil and water but are inexplicably thrown together as much as they are drawn to each other.  Their story is fun, and original with exaggerated humor and moments in between that are quite heartfelt.

Overall, I think this one will leave you with a smile upon your face.

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Folk Around and Find Out - Penny Reid


She’s about to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Folk Around and Find out, an opposites attract, single parent contemporary romance set in a small town from New York Times bestselling author Penny Reid is out now!


He needs to get her out of his system. Just once...

Hank Weller doesn’t help people. He leaves that do-gooder nonsense to his best friend, Beau Winston. Hank does what he wants, when he wants, with whomever he wants—and Hank does not want to hire Charlotte Mitchell to be an exotic dancer at his club, The Pink Pony. Sure, he can’t help noticing the dips and curves of her, how shrewd, smart, and funny she is, the fire in her hazel eyes. He's always noticed. She’d probably draw a crowd and entice the regulars. But after Charlotte's messy, public divorce made Hank’s club out to be the culprit—and made her the single mother of four kids—he doesn’t need or want any additional bad press courtesy of Charlotte Mitchell. Or the distraction. Unfortunately for him, the town’s prettiest charity case doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the words nope, no, and never.

Charlotte Mitchell doesn’t much like Hank Weller. Once upon a time, she used to. Years ago, she liked him a whole heckofalot despite other folks in town labeling him as “eccentric” and “nonconformist,” which were polite southern alternatives to "filthy rich" and "self-centered douchebag." Her opinion of him changed dramatically after he volunteered to be her date to junior prom and then promptly stood her up. They haven't so much as acknowledged each other in over a decade. But a sudden family emergency means Charlotte needs access to Hank’s club ASAP. Unfortunately for her, the narcissistic fancy-pants doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the words help, generosity, and compassion.

But he’s about to find himself schooled. Charlotte is going to teach Hank a lesson once and for all about basic human decency, whether he likes it or not.

Spoiler alert. . . he likes it. ;-)

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My day hadn’t been great even before she walked in.

I’d just returned from the funeral of my longtime bookkeeper. He’d died from old age in his sleep surrounded by his five kids, loving wife, and eighteen grandchildren while leaving me with a reconciliation mess and this month’s payroll to finish.

My newly trained bartender had sent a manifesto via text message, blaming his decision to quit on my unwillingness to build a dedicated meditation room and give him four paid half-hour breaks per shift to use it.

Three Diamond Whiskey bottles out of the six that had shipped from the distributor were broken in the crate. If you’re keeping score, that’s seven hundred dollars in Tennessee Whiskey and a crime against humanity.

On the plus side, the suit I’d worn to my parents’ funerals fit and I still looked damn good in it.

Of course, I didn’t know the newcomer was her at first. The door opened and closed, same sound as normal no matter who was coming or going. It was a Sunday mid-morning, still early yet for any of the dancers or bouncers and way too early for any customers.

But the moment she turned the corner and came into view, I gritted my teeth. Here we go. What could she want? She better not be selling Bibles.

“Charlotte.” Standing behind the bar, I crossed my arms and sounded unfriendly. She’d caught me restocking paper products and the three surviving bottles of Diamond Whiskey. I was only half finished with my current task, but nowhere near half finished with my task list for the day. I did not have time for pious Charlotte Mitchell.

As a rule, I had time for two types of folks: people I paid, and people who paid me. A small number of exceptions to this rule existed: a few friends from college and in town, like Beau Winston or Patty Lee, and any woman I’d set my mind on seducing, but even then, I made sure the scales remained balanced—give and take, tit for tat, even-steven. Point is, Charlotte was obviously not the former exception, and there was no way she’d ever be interested in becoming the latter.

“Hank.” She didn’t look at me, but she did paste on an obligatory-looking smile that pulled her full lips tight and came nowhere close to her green eyes. Tracking Charlotte Mitchell’s slow approach, I didn’t miss how she took her time and peered around.

I wanted to snark, “Lost? I believe the wallpaper and sanctimony store is closer to downtown.”

Instead, I ground out, “What do you want?”

Folk Around and Find Out, is the second title in the Good Folk: Modern Folktales series and features Hank Weller and Charlotte Mitchell, who have both appeared in previous works by Penny Reid.

Charlotte is a divorced single mother to four precocious, unique, and amazing children.  She’s a tad naive, but has a big, kind, and compassionate heart, and willing to go out of her way to help others.  Charlotte is also fierce, strong, and feisty and doesn’t care what others think of her.  She has a tendency to put herself last, and is loyal, hardworking and intelligent.

Hank is an enigmatic and complex hero, but also gruff, surly, hardworking, and grumpy.  Due to choices and actions of his past, he’s judged to be lacking and considered to be an undesirable outcast by the people of Green Valley.

I loved the relationship that Hank builds with Charlotte’s children, and their banter and interactions are fun and full of humour.  Hank and Charlotte’s story is a heartfelt, realistic, and romantic second chance, small town, slow burn opposites attract romance, with strong themes of family, friendship and love.

I look forward to future additions to this series.

Monday 7 November 2022

Stay Forever - Kaylee Ryan


My whole world has revolved around caring for my baby girl. I never wanted to let anyone into my life—into our life¾until Kennedy came to town and threw a wrench into my single-dad routine.
She’s the first woman to make me feel something… anything, in a long time. If only she would let me in.
Kennedy is kind, beautiful, and everything I never knew that I wanted. She looks at me as if I'm her entire world, and her bond with my daughter is something to see. But there’s a problem: she's leaving in a few weeks, and I need to find a way to ask her to stay.
My trip to Willow River came at the perfect time to escape. Taking care of my grandmother should be my whole focus. What I shouldn’t be doing is falling for a drop-dead-gorgeous single dad. But my meddling grandmother has other ideas.
Declan is impossible to resist. Everything with him is easy and feels right. We feel right. But the timing is all wrong¾no matter how I wish I could change things.
He’s a forever kind of guy, but this isn’t my home, and he doesn’t know what he’s asking when two words change everything… “stay forever.”


AU: https://amzn.to/3bYLU13

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Stay Forever is the second title in the Kincaid Brothers series and features Declan and Kennedy.

This title is a heartfelt single dad romance, that is sure to leave you with a smile upon your face.

Declan is a sweet, protective, loving alpha hero and father to the precocious and sweet Blakely.

Stay Forever is a thoroughly enjoyable romance with strong themes of family, friendship, and love, with an unexpected plot twist that I didn’t see coming.

I look forward to future additions to the Kincaid brother’s series.



Stay Always – a FREE prequel
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#1 Stay Over
UK: https://amzn.to/3w8TlJK
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#3 Stay Tonight – Releasing January 10
UK: https://amzn.to/3CwTTgI
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Tuesday 1 November 2022

Lost to You - Kelly Elliott


Keepin' it Reel 


We all know the youngest Bradley sibling must be the most carefree of the bunch. Last this writer heard, Palmer was employed with at least five different jobs. Pet walker, house sitter, vet receptionist, nanny, and the least of my favorite, pooper scooper. To each her own, I guess.

Word on the docks is Palmer has caught the eye of our latest new Seaside resident and single dad, Hunter Bryan. Oh, his little boy, Charlie, is just the sweetest thing. A little seagull has planted in my ear that Palmer will be Charlie's new nanny...don't worry, Seasiders, I've got my ear to the ground and will keep you updated on this latest development.

Fair winds and following seas!

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Kobo: https://bit.ly/3TgxmtJ

Start the Seaside Chronicles today!

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Lost to You is the third title in the Seaside Chronicles, and I’d highly recommend reading the titles in order to get the best form this series.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the story of the youngest Bradley sibling Palmer, and this title didn’t disappoint.

I loved returning to Seaside, and getting to know more about Palmer, and the new doctor Hunter and his adorable son Charlie.

Palmer is an endearing heroine.  She’s got a resume that is a tad quirky, and she’s free spirited and carefree, but also capable, strong, caring and compassionate.  She’s content to work doing a range of menial jobs that make her happy until she finds a career that will provide fulfilment and passion.

Hunter is a single father, and I was intrigued by his choice to move to Seaside, and the secretiveness of his past.   He’s sweet, charming and protective and I adored the bond that he shares not only with Charlie, but with Palmer.

Their connection and chemistry between this pair is amazing, and I’m adoring this series with it’s strong themes of family, friendship and love.

There were also a few snippets of information left as to the identity of a certain gossip columnist and I can’t wait for more to be revealed in the next addition to the series. 


Wednesday 26 October 2022

Fractured Sky - Catherine Cowles


A swoony, suspenseful small-town romance from USA Today bestselling author Catherine Cowles...

Fractured Sky, a moving and passionate, small-town contemporary romance from USA Today bestselling author Catherine Cowles, is out now!


Damaged. Broken. Destroyed. I’ve heard it all. A single moment of trusting the wrong person shattered my life into pieces, and my family has never looked at me the same. It’s impossible to convince them that I’m anything more than the broken girl they rescued all those years ago.

Until I meet him.

Ramsey’s surly demeanor and menacing scowl scare most of the world away. But not me. Not when I’ve seen his gentle hands soothe an abused colt or comfort a terrified mare.

And when I finally get up the courage to strike out on my own, Ramsey’s there. Roommates felt like such a safe proposition until Ramsey’s lingering touches and wicked smile light a fire in me I don’t think will ever be extinguished. And he feels it, too…

But just as my new life begins to take root, an evil from my past emerges from the shadows, casting a darkness on my newfound freedom. And this time, they won’t settle for pieces of me. They want everything…

Fall in love today!

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 Fractured Sky is the fifth title in the Tattered and Torn series, and features Shiloh and Ramsey.

If you’re a fan of this series, you’re probably much like me and have been eagerly awaiting Shiloh’s story to see her find peace and happiness.

Both Ramsey and Shiloh are survivors, doing their best to move past the trauma of their past.  Whilst they seem like an unlikely pairing on the surface they share similar traits, both are incredibly empathic, caring, compassionate and endearing.

Ramsey is an intriguing hero, a gruff loner who craves his solitude and privacy, he allows Shiloh not only onto his property but into his heart.

Shiloh’s family has a tendency to stifle and suffocate her with their love.  She craves independence, and freedom and a sense of normality that was taken away from her at ten years old.

Their story is a slow burn romance, that is not only emotional but completely heartfelt.

The suspense and intrigue builds throughout this title, with plenty of unexpected twists and turns.

Overall a captivating story of family, friendship, acceptance, finding yourself, hope, healing and peace.

Keep reading for a look inside Fractured Sky!

“Live with you?” she squeaked. “We’ve only ever spoken twice.”
My world tilted sideways at that truth. I didn’t let people I didn’t truly know onto my property, let alone invite them to live there. But I kept right on talking. “I’ve got a guest cabin.”
I’d let one other person live there—a friend of someone I’d known from prison. It was a favor I’d only done for the brother who’d watched my back in that hellhole. But Boden had moved out months ago into some fancy lodge with his fiancĂ©e, Laiken. The guest cabin was just sitting empty.
I saw Shiloh turn the idea over in her mind. “I don’t want to make you do that. I know you don’t like people on your property.”
I hated it. But Shiloh wasn’t people. She was something else altogether. The truth was, she’d become a touchstone over the last several years. And I had a burning urge to help. To protect. Maybe because I knew how it felt to believe there was no way out. Maybe because I saw those wings of hers that had been so badly clipped. The offer might’ve been reckless, but I couldn’t find it in me to care.

Sunday 16 October 2022

A Little Too Wild - Devney Perry


A Little Too Wild by Devney Perry is now live! 

Crew Madigan is a snowboarding legend. He's gorgeous, rich, famous and every woman's dream. Well, except mine. I'll take a nerdy guy with a clumsy streak who wouldn't know what to do with a pair of skis to save his life. Superstar athletes? No, thanks. World champions? Hard pass. Crew? Definitely not.
It's been over a decade since Crew set foot on Madigan Mountain. Instead of sitting with his family during his brother's wedding, he takes the chair beside mine. ESPN really doesn't do that chiseled jaw justice. The cameras miss the flecks of gold in his eyes. When he invites me to his hotel room after the wedding, I break all of my own rules for just one night.
But here's the problem with just one night. Crew is impossible to forget. And he's not the only one who loves a thrill. The crash, the broken bones, are inevitable. Because together, we're a little too wild.

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Amazon: https://amzn.to/3waSRTy

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Kobo: https://bit.ly/3QOEOux

Google Play: https://bit.ly/3Chc0qC

Audible: https://adbl.co/3CrQtdc

Narrated by: Vanessa Edwin & Jason Clarke

Goodreads: https://geni.us/lZOOCXl

A Little Too Wild is the third and final title in the Madigan Mountain Trilogy and features the youngest Madigan brother Crew.

I love just about everything Devney Perry writes but I also love a sports romance, so I was drawn to this title, and it didn’t disappoint.

Crew has done his best to avoid Madigan Mountain and the trauma of his past since he left as an eighteen-year-old.  He’s a professional snowboarder, a tad wild, athletic, fun, flirty and very charismatic and cocky.

Raven is Crew’s best friend’s younger sister, and he’s been warned to keep his distance and the last thing she wants is to be involved with another professional athlete.  Raven manages the ski school on Madigan Mountain and is strong, determined, and independent.  She’s a passionate snowboarder herself, but doubts her own abilities, but has desires to compete.

 This pair are inexplicably drawn to each other, and their story is not only passionate but engaging, fun and light-hearted.

I highly recommend this title to anyone who enjoys a steamy sports romance.

Tuesday 11 October 2022

Texas - Lila Rose


Growing up around the Hawks Motorcycle Club, Maya and Texas have been in each other’s lives seemingly forever. Maya’s crush on her brother’s best friend has lasted almost as long.

Older and somewhat wiser, she knows the man who’s always had her heart will never see her as anything other than his friend’s sister. But try as she might, she can’t escape him. Everywhere she goes, Texas is there, and now it seems like his eyes are always on her.

What in the hell is she meant to do with this version of Texas?!

Recovering from an injury and feeling nothing but Maya’s calming presence, Texas finally sees the possibilities right in front of him. There’s nothing like a punch in the gut when his eyes are pried wide open.

Now he’s on a mission to prove to Maya his playboy ways are over and that he can be the man she needs and deserves. Life is too short not to take what really matters, and to him, that’s Maya.

Note: This is book three in the stand-alone Hawks MC: Next Generation series. Like a lot of Lila’s MC books, you’ll discover romance and heat wrapped up in the love of a MC family.

Texas is the third title in the Hawks MC: Next Generation.   I first discovered Lila Rose when reading the original generation of Hawks and couldn’t wait to dive into Maya’s story as she is the daughter of Talon and Zara.

Texas and Maya both grew up in the Hawks MC and he is also her brother’s best friend.

Maya is sweet, sassy, feisty and strong and has had feelings for Texas since she was a teenager.   Texas is quite obtuse to her feelings, until a traumatic event causes him to realise the true depths of his feelings.  He’s a protective, possessive and charming tattoo artist.

Their chemistry and connection is undeniable and this pair complement each other perfectly.  I look forward to future additions to this series.