Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Ghost - Nicole James - Review


Evil Dead MC Series 

Book 5 

Nicole James 

Ghost has been living his life under one rule…never fall in love, never get too close, never get tied down to just one woman. Focusing solely on his club, he is able to remain unattached and free…. until a girl from his past is dropped in his lap. She was a line he swore he’d never cross. And now, in order to obtain an alliance his club needs, he’s forced to use her in ways he’d never imagined. 

She needs his protection, and she’s the one woman he can’t refuse. 

When Ghost finds himself unable to keep his distance from her, will he be able to push his feelings aside and use her as a pawn for the attainment of his club’s goals? Or will he put the club and their lives at risk to follow his heart? 

When lies and secrets come between them, can they overcome everything to find their own piece of heaven? 

4.5 Stars 

I love an MC romance, and I've previously read a couple of earlier books in the Evil Dead MC series. Although this is the fifth book Nicole James has written in this series, it can easily be read as a standalone. 

Ghost aka Billy and Jessie grew up together. They have a shared past, Jessie idolized both her older brother and her step brother Billy, whom she also crushed on hard. When a series of events break Jessie, she leaves town with her boyfriend. 

Seven years later, Jessie finds herself in the wrong place at the right time, in trouble and on the run, she literally runs right into Ghost. Their relationship is incredibly complex, much like these characters, who are also very like-able. They both push and pull away from each other, challenge each other and accept each other's actions and behaviors. They really two sides of the same coin, she is incredibly impulsive, whilst he's level headed. They balance each other out perfectly. Ghost is your typical bad boy alpha male, he's very strong willed, fierce, protective, and expects his directions to be obeyed without question and overall incredibly loyal to the MC. Jessie is sassy, headstrong, sarcastic and blunt and she is definitely not afraid to say or do what she wants, regardless of the consequences. Ghost was incredibly protective of Jessie as a child, and always saving her, now he's once again her knight in shining armor, riding in on his metal steed. 

The men of the Evil Dead MC share a special bond of brotherhood loyalty and sense of family. They tease each other, bet on the outcomes of each other's actions and share a banter that had me giggling on more than one occasion. 

I really loved this installment of the Evil Dead MC, and cannot wait to read future books in this series. I will be adding the remaining books in the series, i'm yet to read to my never ending to be read pile. 

OUTLAW: An Evil Dead MC Story (The Evil Dead MC Series Book 1) by [James, Nicole]

An Evil Dead MC Story 
Book 1

When outlaw biker, Cole Austin sees a young woman handcuffed and being dragged across the yard of the Dead Souls Motorcycle Club's remote clubhouse, he's stunned by the realization of just how dark his world has become. This scene is even more than his twisted soul can stomach. Compelled to intercede and save her, he has no idea his whole world is about to change. He believes he's doing the right thing until a secret she's hiding makes him question if saving her may be the biggest mistake of his life. 
The two strike a deal, a deal they may both come to regret.
Is there anything he won't do for her or are there some things he just can't? 

CRASH: An Evil Dead MC Story (The Evil Dead MC Series Book 2) by [James, Nicole]

An Evil Dead MC Story 
Book 2

When outlaw biker Tyler “Crash” Shaw volunteers his services to his club brother, Cole Austin, VP of the Evil Dead MC, he suddenly finds himself a rich girl’s bodyguard and babysitter. Well, it’s a bitch of a job, but maybe he can have a little fun with it. He thinks he’ll get a kick out of teaching the pampered stuck-up girl a lesson or two on how the other half lives. She can cook and clean for him in exchange for his help. No free ride for her. He intends to teach her that money can’t buy her way through life.

The world saw a classy pulled-together wealthy lady. All he saw was a spoiled little rich girl. A troublemaker, that’s all she was to him. Until she revealed the shattered girl inside that tried so hard to hide her weaknesses and fears with a façade of arrogance, attitude, and sass.

He’d tear down those walls she tried so hard to build, if only she’d let him.

Could the love of a man so wrong for her be the only one to save her?

And in his darkest hour, would her love be enough to save him?

SHADES: An Evil Dead MC Story (The Evil Dead MC Series Book 3) by [James, Nicole]

An Evil Dead MC Story 
Book 3

Shades hadn’t seen Skylar in years, and now here she was, the love of his life, riding back into his life on the back of a brother’s bike.

For years after Shades had lost Skylar, he’d tried satisfying the emptiness of losing her with booze, pussy and the club. He’d turned his frustration at having to give her up into a determination to climb the ranks of the club, but he hadn’t counted on the fact that the pull he’d felt toward Skylar had only lain dormant in him all these years. Or that all it would take to reignite it was just one look at her. And he sure as hell hadn’t counted on her showing up on the back of a brother’s bike.

When Skylar finally comes back into his life, will his desire for earning that VP patch stand in the way of any future he could have with her?

And when a rival MC shows up looking for Skylar, things go from complicated to damn near impossible.

Does Skylar come with more baggage than Shades is willing to sign up for?


WOLF: An Evil Dead MC Story (The Evil Dead MC Series Book 4) by [James, Nicole]

An Evil Dead MC Story 
Book 4 

The Evil Dead Motorcycle Club gave Wolf his nickname. They said it was because women stood about as much chance with him as Little Red Riding Hood stood against the Big Bad Wolf. And maybe that was true.

For Wolf, when it comes to his club, he’s all about loyalty. He loves his brothers, he loves the freedom of the road, and he loves his independence. When it comes to women, Wolf is all about the chase. He likes the hunt, he likes the challenge, and he loves women. And for the hot-as-hell badass biker, they’ve always come too easily. But they never fully satisfy him.

That is, until he met Crystal.

Buried under that hard-edged sexy-as-sin tomboy with the smartass mouth that can put any brother in the MC in his place, is a feminine side she only reveals when pushed. And Wolf is just the man to push. Problem is she’s the only woman to ever push back. Which only makes him more determined to have her.

Life in the Evil Dead MC isn’t easy, and neither is loving one of them. It’s a life that can leave a man scarred and bloody. And sometimes the fallout is far reaching and takes more than a man is willing to give.

It can be just as risky for any woman brave enough to love one of them. 

The scars of life run deep, for both of them.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you a fairytale, sometimes you have to make your own.
And sometimes it takes a spitfire to tame a hell-raiser.

Nicole James grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. As a child, she wrote her first book, Charlie the Firefly, at the age of eight. Her mother knew long before she did that she would someday become an author. Growing up, she spent many happy weekends and summers in Michigan at a cabin on a lake. Winters, she loved to ski. As an adult, Nicole has traveled all over the West and South. She has lived in Illinois, Arizona, Georgia and Alabama. She has a love of motorcycles, writing, reading and the beach. Her favorite city is New Orleans. She loves music of all kinds, but especially the blues. She has two wonderful sisters, two fabulous kids, one awesome son-in-law, and an adorable granddaughter.