Friday, 28 October 2016

Tyler - Esther E Schmidt - Release Blitz & Review


Title: “Tyler”

Series: Areion Fury MC

Author: Esther E. Schmidt

Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt

Cover model: Joshua Sean McCann

Release Day: 28th of October 2016

Release SALE price is set: 99c

(Price will go back to $2.99 after 3 days 10/31)

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Tyler doesn’t have many things to worry about in his life. Fully patched in to Areion Fury MC, he finally has a solid spot in the brotherhood he calls his family. When a girl steps up to defend him against the teasing of his brothers, he’s stunned. The moment Tyler locks his gaze with the most intriguing eyes he’s ever seen, he knows with every fiber of his being that this is supposed to be his girl.

Ridley’s only living relative manages to destroy every chance she has at happiness by constantly causing trouble. To protect herself Ridley likes to hide; beneath her raven black hair, her clothes, her shop. Slowly but surely the harassment is becoming more violent so to protect the ones she cares for, she pushes them away. Except the stubborn, handsome biker leaves her no other option but to accept that he isn’t going anywhere.

When you are forced to look over your shoulder all day, every day, it is impossible to live. Can the meeting of two similar souls spark a solution? Will Ridley stand up for what she wants in life and stop hiding? Will Tyler get his happily ever after or will he see it crash and burn?

4.5 Stars 

Tyler is the third book in the Aerion Fury MC series, although you could read this as a standalone,  I would recommend reading the previous titles in this series so you are aware of events and occurrences that are raised within this book.  In saying that, Tyler starts off exactly where Dams the second book in the series finished off. 

Tyler is the story of the budding romance between Tyler and Ridley.  Tyler is a complete alpha, he's incredibly sure of himself and quickly decides that Ridley is the one for him.  Ridley is her own woman, and even though she has feelings for Tyler she pushes him away.  She is incredibly strong and stubborn and has a lot of drama in her life and Tyler can be extremely bossy, which is just tips the scales for Ridley. 

Their connection and chemistry is intense, and the loves scenes are erotic, steamy and very hot. 

I love a series that continues the story of the previous character, and Esther is absolutely brilliant at doing just that.  I love that we see so much of the previous characters and that there is a depth to the friendships and relationships between the main and side characters. 

Overall this is a fun, quick and easy read, very entertaining and engaging.  I look forward to more of this series and eagerly anticipate Pokey and Orianna's story. 

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