Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bend - Molly McLain - Review

BEND (Vegas Heat #1)

by Molly McLain

The Hardass

Focused and in control at all times. Most people think I’m a prick—and I’ll be the first to admit that’s probably true. But I’d rather be a take-no-shit cop than the kind of man genetics says I should be. You break the law, you pay the price. I don’t give a damn if you’re the captain’s daughter or the Queen of friggin’ England.

The Princess

I have no patience for the cocky men my father oversees. Or maybe it’s just Sergeant Hardass who gets under my skin. Not only is he sexy as sin, he refuses to cut me a break. And now I have to work with the arrogant jerk.

I shouldn’t want him, but a secret part of me craves his unforgiving edge. He could give me everything I need, but, first, I have to break down his walls.

I have to make him bend. 

4.5 Stars

I am a huge fan of Molly McLain. I love her River Bend series and couldn't wait to read the first book in the Vegas Heat series.

This is a fun, sweet, sexy read. Although it's slightly shorter in length it still packs a punch. Bend is a fast paced, completely captivating and entertaining read. I read this book in one sitting and didn't want to put it down.

Kinsey and Trent's story is told in a dual point of view, they are an intriguing and complex pair with an intense off the charts chemistry. Trent is a cocky, arrogant, stubborn, bad boy cop. As the book progressed he really grew on me as his character developed. Kinsey is smart, strong and independent and nowhere near as innocent or needing to be coddled and protected as her father thinks.

A great enemies to friends, enemies to lovers story with an element of suspense. I really look forward to the next installment in this series.

Molly McLain lives in a tiny Wisconsin town with her husband, three kids, and a sassy dog. She loves fountain soda, jellybeans, Luke Bryan and Avenged Sevenfold, thunderstorms, and camping at quiet lakes. She’s been scribbling down love stories since she was old enough to dream about happily ever afters, and now she writes sexy, small town romance for real.