Friday, 2 December 2016

Controlled Burn - Amy Briggs - Release Blitz & Review

Title: Controlled Burn
Series: Brotherhood of District 23 #3
Author: Amy Briggs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2016

Seth Jackson, known as Jax to his friends and family, has always been the easygoing, loyal, and dependable friend to everyone. Marine Corps veteran and career firefighter, Jax enjoys a simple life, hanging out with friends, and chasing the ladies. Always the most level-headed of his friends, he suddenly finds himself spinning out of control, unable to sleep and suffering from nightmares and anxiety. When he finds out he suffers from PTSD, he second-guesses everything around him and starts searching for the normalcy he thought he was living.

Vivian Deveraux, a twenty-five-year old with a penchant for selling real estate deals like a seasoned agent, thought she was just negotiating another deal. While brokering a sale for his friends, Vivian meets Jax, who instantly stirs up emotions she had kept buried for years.

Jax pursues Vivian in an effort to fill a hole he didn’t realize he’d had, but will their connection actually create more darkness?


5 Stars 

This is the third book in The Brotherhood of District 23.  I adored the first book in this series, the second book didn't quite hit the mark for me, but once again I thoroughly loved Controlled Burn. 

The story revolves around Seth 'Jax' Jackson.  A firefighter and former marine a bit of a player, he has a tough exterior but is quite loving, sweet, caring and loyal.  Jax is a complex character, who struggles in silence.  

Vivian is a realtor and upon their paths crossing, sparks fly.  They have an instant connection although this is a slow burn romance. 

This is a heartwarming story of two individuals dealing with the different effects of PTSD. 

I read Controlled Burn in one sitting.  It's completely engaging and a thoroughly entertaining read.   I will say that this isn't filled with hot and steamy love scenes but its a very emotional heartfelt read and really well paced.  I can't wait to see what Ms. Briggs has in store for us in the coming year!



Amy Briggs is an Orlando based writer, consultant, and entrepreneur. Leaving the corporate life behind, Amy now runs several small businesses from the comfort of her home while spinning realistic, thrilling and romantic stories. Formerly a firefighter and EMT in New Jersey living next to a military base, Amy was drawn to creating a stories around emergency services and the military, and draws on her experiences to show the depth and emotional side of the lifestyle.