Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A Second Time Around - Ashlie Knapp - Review

Kasey Thomas had it all - an adoring husband, two beautiful sons, a job she loved. But then a tragic car accidents leaves her a widow and her world turns upside down.

Paul Jennings's has tried to find love like his mom and dad's. But the years, awful blind dates and shallow relationships have taught Paul one thing - love like his parents does not exist. At least not for him.

When their mutual friend Beth convinces them to go out on a blind date, both expect to be like Beth's other blind dates - a disaster. But when the date is anything but, Kasey and Paul find themselves unexpectedly hopeful.

Can Kasey open herself up to Paul and let him see her, scars and all? Can Paul handle all the chaos that is the Thomas family? Will they have a chance at happily ever after?

4 Stars

A Second Time Around was my first time reading anything written by Ashlie Knap, and it didn't disappoint.  The story line is packed full of heat, heart and humor.  As a parent, there were scenes within this title that I could relate to, and others just had me in stitches laughing out loud.

Kasey and Paul's story is full of emotion, and has moments that are both heartbreaking and heartfelt.  I loved Kasey's resilience, and ability to carry on and still see the fun and humor of life, despite being a widowed, single mother.  Paul is kind, caring and compassionate, and I liked that he wasn't spooked by her accident prone nature.

This story is engaging, with banter that is fun, and at times flirtatious.  The cast of characters are very endearing, and quite well developed.  The connection and chemistry Kasey and Paul share is believable and quite captivating.

Although this is essentially a story of grief, loss and loneliness, it's in no way a morose read, as it's packed full of moments of humor.  Overall a really single parent romance, and I look forward to reading more of Ashlie's work in the future.

Ashlie Knapp was born and raised in Oklahoma but her heart belongs to the ocean. She loves binge watching Parks and Recreation, The Office, Friends, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and adores Chris Pratt as chubby Andy Dwyer much more than sexy Star Lord. She hates mornings, mushrooms, and mosquitoes. Her days not working as a social worker are spent with her two witty, intelligent, boisterous children and love-of-her-life husband on their jet skis at the lake, putting around on the golf course or watching any University of Oklahoma athletic event. If you can’t find her any of those places, she’s probably in her comfy bed with her twelve year old Cocker Spaniel, Gracie, goofy rescue dog, Jake, and three cantankerous cats, Bogey, Birdie and Jackie, while reading a good book.

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